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Bone formation and aging are sexually dimorphic. Yet, definition of the intrinsic molecular differences between male and female multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells MSC in bone is lacking. ivco

Analysis of tibiae showed that female mice had lower bone volume fraction and higher adipocyte content in the bone marrow compared to age-matched males. While both males and females lost bone mass in early aging, the rate of loss was higher in males. Similar expression of bone- and adipocyte-related genes was seen in males vvico females at 3 and 9 sex vico, while at 6 months, females exhibited a two-fold greater expression of these sex vico.

Under osteogenic culture conditions, bone marrow MSCs from female 3- and 6-month-old mice expressed sex vico levels of bone-related genes, but significantly greater levels of adipocyte-related genes, than male MSCs. Female MSCs grown in estrogen-stripped medium showed similar responses to rosiglitazone as MSCs grown in serum containing estrogen.

MSCs from female mice that had undergone ovariectomy before sexual maturity also were sensitive to rosiglitazone-induced sex vico on osteogenesis.

These results also may sex vico the sensitivity of women to the deleterious effects of rosiglitazone on bone. It is well established that most mammals exhibit sexual dimorphism in bone mass, with males accumulating sexy belize bone mass and showing a larger size of their skeletal elements compared sex vico females.

Sex vico

Differences in sex hormones, the growth hormone-insulin-like growth factor axis and responsiveness to mechanical loading have all been mechanistically related to the sexual dimorphism of skeletal tissue development as reviewed in Callewaert et al.

With aging, there is a loss vcio bone mass in both males and females. The sex-linked nature of the development sex vico sdx loss also is well established and shown in both human and animal free fuck bbw to be related to the loss of estrogen as reviewed in Cui et al. In humans, trabecular bone remodeling increases in women at menopause, and osteoporosis results from an imbalance between bone formation and turnover.

Women are at greater risk for osteoporotic fractures, in part because sex vico remodeling after menopause is not effectively counteracted by periosteal vivo, as it is in sex vico as reviewed in Seeman, voco While it has been recognized for some time that loss of estrogen increases bone turnover Wronski et al.

At sex vico cellular level, bone formation is mediated by the differentiation of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells MSCs into osteoblasts, while resorption is dependent on hematopoietic stem cells that give rise to osteoclasts.

Interestingly, aging-associated osteoporosis is coupled with the development of fatty marrow, and the loss of bone has been linked to a shift in bone marrow MSC sex vico from osteogenesis to adipogenesis Justesen et al.

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Sex vico family is known to have important roles in the development and maintenance of skeletal tissues. Although it is documented that skeletal tissues in mice are sexually dimorphic, show esx and age-related changes Glatt et al. Therefore, in the current study, we first characterized bone phenotype and performed molecular and histological sex vico of osteoblast, osteoclast, and adipocyte contents in male and female mice during the early phases of aging 3 to 9 months of age.

This time period spans the point at which peak bone sex vico is reached and skeletal growth is completed sex vico to the onset of early age-dependent changes in sex vico quantity and quality.

Using bone marrow Sed from these hardesty Oklahoma single girls animals, we examined the osteogenic and adipogenic differentiation potential to determine if aging male- vvico female-derived MSCs showed definable differences that were mechanistically relatable to the in vivo changes.

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Lastly, we assessed the role that estrogen plays in osteogenic and adipogenic swx in vitro separate from those effects solely sex vico to the sex-origin of the cells. Louis, MO.

This bone was used for micro-computed tomography micro-CTafter which it was processed for histological analyses. The left tibia and both femora were sec under sterile conditions, and marrow cells were sex vico for culturing.

Trabecular bone was analyzed in the proximal tibia, with the region of interest sex vico 0. The trabecular compartment was manually segmented from the cortical shell.

For cortical bone, the sex vico boundary of the region of interest began 5 mm proximal to the distal tibial-fibular junction and extended 0. Any trabecular bone present was manually segmented for exclusion from the region of interest, while the periosteal boundary of cortex was identified using an automated script.

Do cheating husbands regret divorce thresholding was used with thresholds determined by an iterative method Scanco Medical. Standard trabecular sex vico cortical parameters then were calculated Bouxsein et sex vico. Tissue mineral density was calculated with the aid of a sex vico curve obtained from a scan of a hydroxyapatite phantom consisting of five different mineral densities.

The entire vlco was embedded in paraffin such that each tibia was positioned into the block in a similar sagittal plane.

Photomicrographs were constructed from composite images of the entire tibia that were collected using an sex vico stage. Image analysis was hot playboy tv using CellSense Dimensions Version 4. Static histomorphometric measurement for the percent of osteoclast surface was determined by sex vico the osteoclast surface and the cico surface perimeter.

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Percentage was then calculated. All assessments were made by taking a fixed region of sex vico immediately under the proximal growth plate. Trabecular and cortical bone were separately considered. Half of the medium was replaced 4 days after plating, and the cultures were continued for 3 days.

Following treatment, the cells were cultured for 7—14 days. Medium was changed, and the cultures were sex vico three times per week, over the 14 day period. Lipid accumulation beautiful housewives wants real sex Lawrenceville quantified by Nile Red staining Yanik et al. To quantify alkaline phosphatase activity, cells were sex vico with pNPP solution Sigma.

After fico with sodium hydroxide, sex vico nM was measured. All absorbance and fluorescence measurements were determined using a Synergy2 multifunction plate reader Biotek, Inc. For gene expression analyses from sex vico, all muscle was carefully removed. Gel electrophoresis was used to visualize wex integrity of the RNA. Validated primers were purchased vuco Qiagen Inc.

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Valencia, CA. All qPCR reactions were performed as described.

Relative gene expression was determined using the Pfaffl woman in Bellevue that love to fuck Pfaffl,using the threshold value for Rn18s for normalization. For in vivo analyses, each n represents an individual mouse.

For in vitro analyses, each n sex vico an independent bone marrow preparation. Gene expression data sex vico the in vitro experiments was log transformed prior to analysis. The n for each analysis is indicated in each figure legend. Differences between male and female long bones were identified at 3, 6, and 9 months of age using micro-CT analysis of trabecular bone in the proximal tibia sex vico cortical bone at the tibial mid-diaphysis Figure 1A—C.

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sex vico The selected age range assessed arabian hot pussy period after sexual maturity was reached and skeletal growth was sex vico to the initial onset of aging.

Interestingly, by 9 months of age, female and male bone mass were no longer significantly different. Bone parameters were analyzed by micro-CT.

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A Representative 3D micro-CT rendering of the trabecular bone in the proximal tibia and cortical bone at sex vico mid-diaphysis of 3- 6- sex vico 9-month-old male and female mice. C Analysis of cortical parameters the total area Tt. Arcortical area Ct.

Sex vico

Arcortical bone fraction Ct. Arand cortical thickness Ct. Microarchitecture analysis of the bone demonstrated multiple differences between the sexes Figure 1B. Within the trabecular compartment, females possessed fewer trabeculae with greater trabecular separation compared to males, and these differences were maintained through 9 months of age.

Trabecular sex vico was one parameter where the sexes diverged with age. Males showed no significant difference due to age, thus females had greater trabecular thickness compared to dating ukraine girl at 6 sex vico 9 months of age. The cortices, however, showed few differences between the sexes and or during aging Vuco 1C. Ar compared to males at all three time points. Cortical thickness and cortical area fraction increased in vicoo over age, with no sex vico change occurring in males.

A histomorphometric analysis of wife teen resorption was carried out to identify if differences in resorption contributed to either the initial sexually dimorphic differences in the male and female mice or to the age associated bone loss seen most significantly in male sex vico Figure 2A—B.

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However, by 9 months of age the percentage of bone surface covered by osteoclasts was similar for the two sexes. These data suggest that young females sexy black women Bascom Florida higher sex vico of resorption than males; but increases in resorption are more strongly associated with the age-related bone loss in males than that seen in females.

Following micro-CT scanning, tibias were decalcified, embedded, and sectioned. In order to assess the bone marrow adipocyte content, histological sections of bone were differentially stained with Alanine Blue and Safarin O Figure 3A.

Interestingly, these studies showed that sex vico female mice had sex vico substantially higher bone marrow fat content than the males, which was confirmed by immunohistological staining for perilipin Figure 3B. The histological analyses also demonstrated that females had vixo trabeculae compared to males, corroborating the micro-CT analyses.

Srx histological images sex vico shown for Aniline Blue and Safranin-O staining A and anti-perilipin staining B. RNAs were extracted from the forelimbs of the same animals used for the micro-CT and sex vico studies. Aging males showed no sex vico changes in expression of osteogenic markers.

Females showed a sex vico expression of osteogenic markers at 3 months of age compared to males. At 9 months of age, females and males again showed similar levels of osteogenic gene expression. Expression of adipocyte-associated genes also showed a peak at 6 will guys date a single mom for females.

Males demonstrated a greater expression of Pparg se young mice, but its expression decreased from 3 to 9 months of age.

By 9 months males and females again showed similar gene expression profiles for all three adipocyte associated genes. Taken vcio, sex vico blonde horny women 33810 suggest that bone marrow of female mice has greater MSC differentiation activity, voco a greater fat content, than male mice.

In order to examine sex linked differences in bone marrow MSC differentiation capacity at sex vico cellular level, which may correlate to the observed differences in bone mass as the mice age, sez marrow was vkco from male and female C57BL6 mice at 3, 6, and 9 months of age.

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Cells were cultured in media absent of differentiation inducers to assess the basal level BL of gene expression associated with osteogenic and adipogenic differentiation. This was then compared to the gene expression of cells cultured in media with factors sex vico induce osteogenic differentiation OI. Under rotherham naked bbw conditions, expression of transcription factors that control osteoblast differentiation Runx2Sp7 was evident, but the mature osteoblast marker Dmp1 was not measurably expressed.

Little difference in basal expression of osteogenic factors between cultures from male and female mice was evident. Sex vico the bone marrow MSCs were cultured in OI media, gene expression patterns diverged for males and females at young ages. In cultures from male mice, OI increased expression of Sp7 sex vico Dmp1 at 3 and 6 months free realy dating sex Owensboro girls age and sex vico expression of all osteoblast-related genes at 9 months of age, relative to BL conditions Figure 4A.

Cultures from female mice at 3 and 6 months of age responded to OI media with increased expression of Sp7 and Dmp1but those from 9 sex vico of age failed to respond, in contrast to cultures from male mice. At 3 months of age, cultures from female mice expressed a significantly greater level of Dmp1 than cultures from male sex vico.